Organic Coffee Beans From Ontario, Canada




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Origin 1668

How It All Started

Our story started when a group of friends with diverse professional and personal backgrounds came together because of their passion for coffee.  As a team, they executed on their vision to create a high quality product that contributed to sustainability and personal wellness. Origin 1668 was created.


The Origin 1668 Team

Four friends and successful entrepreneurs coming from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds compelled them to create an organization that stood for sustainability, equitable living and women’s rights. With family lineage spanning across Europe, Asia and Africa, the Origin 1668 team felt the need to create a company that captured the rich history and global heritage of coffee. They combined this with their desire to provide an organic coffee that did not compromise on taste.


Our Mission

Origin 1668 is dedicated to sustainable living and a greener earth.  We roast all of our beans using environmentally friendly machines that remit up to 70% fewer emissions when compared to most other equipment.  All of our beans are certified organic and purchased from plantations that support Fairtrade for farmers and workers. We also took sustainability a step further by using only biodegradable and compostable packing for all of our product lines.
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