Organic Coffee Beans From Ontario, Canada




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Our Story

How Origin 1668 Started

Our story began when a group of friends with diverse professional and personal backgrounds came together because of their passion for coffee.  As a team, they executed on their vision to create a high quality product that contributed to sustainability and personal wellness. Origin 1668 was created. 
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Our Green Initiative

Origin 1668 is dedicated to sustainable living and a greener earth. From our compostable and biodegradable packaging to our organic beans grown without pesticides and unnatural fertilizers, we strive to contribute to a healthier planet. Our facility is equipped with emission reducing machinery and for every 100 products sold, we will plant a tree for a better future. 
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Social Responsibility

At Origin 1668, we believe in giving back.  All of our beans come from plantations participating in Fairtrade, which means improved wages and working conditions for farmers.  Many of our beans also support the Café Femenino movement, which promotes the integration of women coffee farmers into social, political and occupational organizations.  We only use certified organic beans and this ensures that coffee lovers know exactly what they are consuming. Our responsibility starts at the origin of our coffee. 
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