Organic Coffee Beans From Ontario, Canada




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Our Green Initiative

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Biodegradable Bags

Biodegradable is often used interchangeably with compostable. Biodegradable materials are those that can break into natural materials in the environment.  These do not decompose as quickly as compostable materials, but will break down much quicker that most other materials. All of our packaging used for our blends are made of biodegradable wood pulp and starch polymer which typically decompose into the environment within 15 months.

Natural Paulownia Barrels
Our barrels are made from untreated Paulownia wood without having been treated with any chemicals. As the material is completely natural, it will decompose over time without leaving any toxic or unnatural residue in the environment. The coffee beans within the barrels are sealed for freshness in biodegradable packaging.

Compostable Cups
Compostable materials such as plants, leaves, grass clippings and vegetable peels are those that can break down into a nutrient-rich organic material. Compost has many beneficial uses such as providing natural fertilization, improving soil quality and it does not leave any toxic residue.  Our single serve cups and filters are 100% compostable – brew your coffee, toss into the compost bin and it will be ready for your garden within 90 days.


Improving the Environment   

Origin 1668 is a proud supporter of TreeCanada, the leading national tree planting charity in Canada.  Reforestation is the process of restoring our forests to help fight climate change and improve wildlife habitat.  For every 100 products sold, we will plant 1 tree which will contribute to the reforestation of our planet.

Reducing Emissions
Origin 1668 is specifically equipped to reduce our environmental footprint.  Our roasting machines are designed to release up to 70% fewer emissions when compared to most roasters. Our facility has a no-plastic policy and we utilize solar power where possible to power our technology.  We also use LED lighting because fluorescent lighting that is typically used in offices and warehouses emit hazardous waste for the environment.