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Light Roast, Medium and Dark Roast – What’s the Difference?

Roasting Process

After the beans have been hand selected and chosen for roasting, they are placed in a roasting machine to start the process. Depending on the flavour profile and origin of the bean, each batch will be roasted at a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. Most of our batches will then be cooled, roasted again at a different temperature and then cooled again - just part our little family secret. Light roasts will be roasted at lower temperatures whereas dark roasts are at the highest of temperatures and medium roasts are right in the middle. Light roasts are the lightest in colour and dark roasts are the darkest.


Light roasts will typically retain most of the bean flavour resulting in a complex taste that will be lighter in body. In a dark roast, much of the origin flavour will disappear as the roasting process will have created a bold and rich body often leaving the coffee with traces of a chocolate and bittersweet flavour. In medium roasts, much of the flavour is still retained from the origin bean but a light toasty taste can be observed.
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When based purely on weight, the caffeine content of all roast profiles stays relatively consistent during the roasting process. There is often a misconception that darker roasts have a greater caffeine content because the taste is bolder. In fact, when measured by scoops, light roasts will actually have more caffeine than dark roasts simply because the light roast beans are denser and that translates to more weight per scoop of coffee.